Questioning the Standard of Grade Cricket

Is this the start of a proper overdue review that will result in action amongst Grade Cricket. The feeling within Adelaide seems to think so and already the seeds are being planted that a “cut in clubs” is possible. This would seem at odds to the Victorian view that expansion is required. Plenty Valley, Melton and Noble Park are the suggestions that keep arising over recent years.

No matter the outcome, the conversation needs to be had so that the overall standard is relevant to all levels of competition.

Released today on the SACA website as per the following, enjoy and consider:

The South Australian Cricket Association has this evening received the Grade Cricket Review document, presented to the SACA Board of Management.

Commissioned by the SACA Board in March 2013, the independent review was conducted by respected grade cricket figures Rob Zadow, Bill Baker and Geoff Daly.

The report contains eight recommendations based on 12 months of research and interviews with all SACA Grade cricket clubs and other key stakeholders, including interstate grade competitions, with the aim to improve the overall standard of not only the competition, but the strength and viability of its clubs.

The key recommendations include governance, the number and location of Grade clubs, retention of players, grounds and pitches, junior cricket, coaching, umpiring and club matters.

SACA Grade cricket clubs form the elite pathway in South Australian cricket, providing a robust club competition, exclusive access to the West End Premier League and state-wide representation for aspirational talent.

SACA President Andrew Sinclair said, “We have only just received the report and we thank Rob Zadow and his team for their hard work in compiling these recommendations.”

“SACA is always striving for continuous improvement and we welcome independent and constructive feedback.

“As part of our first response, SACA has formed a working group, headed by board member Rod Phillips, and consisting of SACA Management and Grade Cricket representatives. The working group will begin with the process of meeting with the cricket community and setting up opportunities to engage with all clubs.

“SACA will work tirelessly and diligently to ensure the key recommendations in this report are considered and discussed at SACA Board and Grade cricket club level, to move forward in the best interests of the Grade cricket competition. It is important that we enhance our relationship and strengthen the long term health of the game in South Australia.”

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