Seeking clarity on the Michael Clarke hamstring? Look away, nothing to see here!

Much ado about nothing?

A hamstring injury that has taken upon a character of it’s own?

Michael Clarke innocently embroiled in “match fixing” of Grade Cricket?

When the Western Suburbs Cricket Club, duly entered their teams for their Round 5 clash against Parramatta into MyCricket, the inclusion of Michael J Clarke (MyCricket Player ID #574355) released speculation and confusion amongst the curious.

Western Suburbs Team List

Spare a thought for the little known Tahmid Islam as the player to give way on Week 2 as with the 2nd XI already batted he is due to miss out. A little unfair as Tahmid had been promoted following an innings of 96 in the Poidevin-Gray Shield, his best score since Round 3 in season 12/13.

Anyway, the game started with some curious declarations arising on Day 1. A “fiasco” described by Cricket Australia.

Michael Clarke - MyCricket

(MyCricket – Match ID = 1850195, the drama unfolds).

Before the match, it would seem apparent that some “collusion” occurred between the captains. Not invited by Parramatta captain Michael Castle, who revealed he was not happy when told him by his opposite number of his plans at the match.

“He told me if I sent his side into bat, they would declare after one ball,” Castle said.

He said he’d been “put under pressure from Cricket NSW to bowl first so that Michael Clarke could bat on the second day.”

“I have never been in a situation like this before, I was shocked.”

“I was always going to send them in on that wicket, I won the toss and did that.”

And then we have Brad Haddin bringing into the conversation “match fixing” – an evil element that never seems to go away. Haddin, who is a staunch supporter of grade cricket was asked what he thought about the declaration.

“I don’t really know the full extent of where that’s at and how that happened. All I know is the captain there better be careful — that looks like match fixing to me,” he said.

A Cricket Australia official said Haddin was joking but the smirking keeper was hard to read – as reported by Peter Lalor,

Confused, definitely.

Clarity, please don’t look around here too closely.

Thankfully, Cricket NSW will investigate the declaration when the match is complete.

And Michael Clarke, rest assured that when he bats again we will not have to stray to far for awareness being obvious. We can confidently assume clarity in that respect.

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