Make An Offering To Mother Cricket

Make an offering to Mother Cricket. Go on, you know that she will appreciate it and you will feel better for the effort.

A superstitious group are cricketers. Always searching for a passage of unexplainable logic to connect the threads of hope, ability and form to satisfy the soul. Here we offer some offbeat and lighthearted suggestions to consider.

As you arrive at training tonight (Thursday) for the last session before the first game back after the Christmas break, it might be the case that the body is a little sluggish due to form being elusive so far. The inner desire and emotion a little battered by green wickets, shuffling around the batting order, questionable leg before decisions or a lazy scoop aimed at an open mid wicket that was top edged to mid off.

It may be worth to take a moment for reflection as to what lies ahead. How can the investment to date deliver a return of personal satisfaction? Where is the flicker of form? Fear not as you are far from being alone should this be the case.

(Random observation – In the Victorian Premier Cricket competition, 134 players in the 1st XI & 181 players in the 2nd XI have not made 50 runs total yet this season so far. No science, yet, just an observation, but in some cases a lot of preparation for not much output!).

Unrelated recently, Dan Christian during the Big Bash invoked Mother Cricket with the following tweet, suggesting that her importance and influence extends to many unknown reaches.

Dan Christian tweet Mother Cricket     Dan Christian

Dan is a rather fine fellow. Unfairly maligned by some. A tremendous example of the modern day cricketer having worn the colors of 11 different teams at First-class level and beyond in his career to date across Australia, India and the United Kingdom.

Having had the opportunity at Middlesex to observe Dan closely during a 2nd XI match against Lancashire over four days at the open expanses of Merchant Taylors revealed a level of professionalism, attention to detail, effort and consideration for others representative of a class player and individual prepared to work with all others in the team environment.

The wicket at Merchant Taylor's on the third morning of play - awesome

The wicket at Merchant Taylor’s on the third morning of play – rather flat and kind.

In conditions that were definitely in favor of the batting team after Day 1, the effort that Dan put into his approach to the wicket trying to coax some life and variation, was as though he was charging in at Adelaide for either Australia or Victoria. His determination inspired the local English contingent and caused wariness amongst the opposition.

So if Dan is able to open his inner self, share with us his feelings and link to Mother Cricket, take it as a good sign for worthy genuflection at the altar for all.

Hence, please consider any of the following offerings to Mother Cricket as a small gesture to change the karma towards an enhanced and improved direction for the games that remain for yourself.

  1. Take control of a fielding drill with a small group that involves movement.
  2. Throw some balls to a player in a lower grade who has been struggling.
  3. Run a series of threes and twos in your full batting kit, try 4 of each (at the worst you will know what 20 runs feels like and a little fitter).
  4. Be the first to pack up the kit after training.
  5. Take the responsibility of getting the covers laid properly.
  6. Have a series of balls hit at you from various lengths & angles that require you to move – 20 ground balls, 20 catches.
  7. Bowl 6 balls at the end of training at a cone target on a challenging length.
  8. Pick up the bat owned by the player in the club with the most runs (preferably a centurion). Hold it with care. Play some shadow shots with the bat. Look at the blade closely. Bring it close to your nose and smell it. Sniff the runs.

This may help to shift the karma, release some masked inner clarity and possibly tip the carings of Mother Cricket back in your direction.

Good luck.

Mother Cricket Mother Cricket #2





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Cricket exposure as a player, coach, fan, observer, analyst & tragic! Coached at Melbourne Cricket Club, Prahran Cricket Club. Premiership player and coach at South Yarra Cricket Club ~ Home of The Vincibles! Academy coach at Karnataka Institute of Cricket, Bangalore.
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