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How To Assess A Coach

From conversations with many coaches over the duration of personal experience, an aspect that seems to be commonly lacking in the experience is the proper evaluation and feedback to the coach. This at times, for many administrators, can be a … Continue reading

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The Acceptance of Expectation

The acceptance of expectation emerges from within and is nurtured by many. So often the case is without being obvious at the time. During the last days at KIOC Bangalore in 2013, two random interactions, two of many, delivered an … Continue reading

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The mobile phone was a disaster for team spirit!

“At the end of my cricket career, even great victories were often celebrated in social isolation: we might have been all together, but most team-mates were checking their smartphones.” Ed Smith has become an absolute favorite amongst the writers that … Continue reading

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Slower Ball – Endless Variations

Every bowler now is expected to have not just one slower ball but many variations of such. Along with the expectation they can be called upon at any point in the game. Variations of the slower ball can revolve around … Continue reading

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