Difficult to bowl to Maxwell: Yadav

The IPL, apart from being the greatest cricket entertainment ever seen, is now starting to take us further into the intimate insights of the game through the unique access to players and coaches.

Umesh Yadav from the Kolkata Knight Riders was a relative late comer to cricket as he only started to see the sport as being a genuine career option at the age of 19 after aiming to become a policeman.

Umesh Yadav

Yadav has proven an ability to regularly bowl at 140kmh+, moves the ball both ways with an effective bouncer. His overall figures suggest a bowler capable of many options and from this recent interview published on the IPL website by Prajakta Pawar (follow on Twitter @PrajPP) a bowler with the ability to think clearly about the conditions and who he is bowling to. Overall some rather simple advice, bowl at the stumps.

The conditions.

“When we first saw the wicket we thought it was quick and there would be something for the fast bowler. But when I walked there and bowled the first ball, I realised that it is not the kind of wicket that we thought it would be. I am a fast bowler and I have the ability to swing, so I was trying to bowl on the length only. I was just trying to swing the ball for first two-three overs and get wickets.”

Bowling to Glenn Maxwell.

“It is difficult to bowl to him because when he comes to bat he just moves too much from the wicket, sometimes to the off-side or sometimes to the leg-side. So it is difficult to bowl to him. But I knew and I was confident that when he moves I will not follow him but I will just I keep at the wicket only. So my target was to bowl at the three stumps only so whenever he is going down the leg I am bowling at the wicket. And when he came towards the off-stump I was trying to vary the deliveries, bowl a slower one or yorker, whichever is required. So I bowled the slower ball and got him. That’s the variation, because there wasn’t much in the wicket if you didn’t get the yorker perfect you would get hit for a six. The wicket was flat and good for batting. The ball was coming on to the bat nicely; so whatever variations I had I backed myself to bowl one length and one area.”

The full post after the recent match against Kings XI Punjab including bowling to Murali Vijay and with Morne Morkel published here.

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