Credit The Coach For Discipline

The headlines roared the devastation of the player dropped for disciplinary reasons.

In the case of this specific player, the second time in three months. For two different first class teams. In two different countries. Both coached by a competitive fast bowler. Both teams immediately won the very next game.

The player had ”let his teammates down” and “we have high expectations of all our players” was explained by the coach.

Retired players jumped into the fray. “Maybe a fine would have been better,” suggested one.

Deliberately this correspondent has removed specific references to players, coaches and commentators involved in this incident.

The reason being to reflect upon the matter as it is typical of a regular occurrence confronted by many sporting teams every season. In many cases the softer option of taking no action or feather slapping justice the usual outcome.

The unique aspect about this case is that in both instances the team actually won after recent indifferent form. The replacement players respectively involved also made significant contributions to the team.

Was there a follow up headline to praise the coach or management for taking the hard line and making an unpopular decision?

Short term pain, long term gain has many interpretations.

This is another example.

How the player responds upon return, shall be fascinating to see.

But somewhere inside, where clarity is being sought, give a little cheer for the discipline administered.

About Andrew Walton

Cricket exposure as a player, coach, fan, observer, analyst & tragic! Coached at Melbourne Cricket Club, Prahran Cricket Club. Premiership player and coach at South Yarra Cricket Club ~ Home of The Vincibles! Academy coach at Karnataka Institute of Cricket, Bangalore.
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