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September Simple

September simple for bowlers. Suppress the urge to over extend the body too early, especially if starting indoors. Gradually build the muscle memory. Take your time, focus on technique. Ease into the run up, a few small steps to start. … Continue reading

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Unlock The Wisdom

In the pursuit of success aligned to change, clubs will inevitably alter the structure of coaches in the positions of head, assistant or development coach at some point. For the coaches that find themselves in this situation of a new … Continue reading

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The Left Arm Orthodox Spinner – What Else Can He Bring?

An essential part of many a bowling structure is the left arm orthodox spinner to provide variation in angle and ability to turn the ball away from right hand batsmen. Personally, childhood memories invoke the mysterious wizardry of the turban … Continue reading

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Skills Bank #1 – Touch

A “Skills Bank” can be defined as an ongoing active investment in the basic technical principles to establish a foundation of skill. This can apply to any of the skill aspects involved in cricket to form the basis of training … Continue reading

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Where Next For Trevor Bayliss – Glorious Lords

For England to win the 1st Ashes Test at Cardiff so comprehensively has certainly shifted the initial belief by many of the experts and usual cheerleaders. From personal attendance at a splendid Melbourne University Cricket Club function in the MCG … Continue reading

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How To Assess A Coach

From conversations with many coaches over the duration of personal experience, an aspect that seems to be commonly lacking in the experience is the proper evaluation and feedback to the coach. This at times, for many administrators, can be a … Continue reading

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The mobile phone was a disaster for team spirit!

“At the end of my cricket career, even great victories were often celebrated in social isolation: we might have been all together, but most team-mates were checking their smartphones.” Ed Smith has become an absolute favorite amongst the writers that … Continue reading

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Player Review – Mid Season, Give A Little Feedback

As a coach at the half way point of the season with a little extra time available to properly reflect and contemplate the standard of performances observed and shared so far, it is good practice to consider a little extra … Continue reading

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