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Unlock The Wisdom

In the pursuit of success aligned to change, clubs will inevitably alter the structure of coaches in the positions of head, assistant or development coach at some point. For the coaches that find themselves in this situation of a new … Continue reading

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Finally ~ Progress driven by ……. women (gasp!)

An indulgent rant for positive progress. So all that it has taken is a little amount of reasonable exposure for Women’s cricket to rapidly shift the staid thinking and lack of planning that has plagued the sport of cricket for … Continue reading

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Batting – How To Assess Success, Part 1

Some old school logic, aligned to the beliefs of Robert Baddeley “Bob” Simpson AO, on how to properly assess the performance of a batsman over a season in Premier / Grade cricket. Compile a list of all the performances. Take … Continue reading

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Selection Policy

The trumpets blare to announce the Medal events – Brownlow and Dally M. The parades arranged for the AFL and NRL ultimate conclusion. Nervousness flows from the winter tribes to the summer combatants. Angst is worming through the veins and … Continue reading

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Finals – Essential Elements

Breathe deep. Relax. Allow the mind to clear of all the noise and fully realise that the best part of competitive sport is about to begin. Finals. For those fortunate enough to be involved, this time arrived now in March, … Continue reading

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How To Assess A Coach

From conversations with many coaches over the duration of personal experience, an aspect that seems to be commonly lacking in the experience is the proper evaluation and feedback to the coach. This at times, for many administrators, can be a … Continue reading

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Player Review – Mid Season, Give A Little Feedback

As a coach at the half way point of the season with a little extra time available to properly reflect and contemplate the standard of performances observed and shared so far, it is good practice to consider a little extra … Continue reading

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Fatigue, Overtraining & Form

Cricket is beginning to absorb and understand the amount of data now available in relation to the performance of players across matches and training that is a given in other sports. Workload volumes, loading, effort running are just a few … Continue reading

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Batting – Starting An Innings

For many batsmen this weekend, it is either the last innings of the season, or the first innings of the next phase of the season – finals. Different scales of importance but with potential impact. Time then to reflect and … Continue reading

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Shifting Tactical Mindset

Tactics that unfold within a cricket match can be seen as obvious once revealed, due to the time available within the game between action to think and consider. Often though the subtleties that lead to the outcome, are only aware … Continue reading

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