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Spin Bowling Strategy #1

Being asked to deliver a class on spin bowling to an attentive and enthusiastic audience of students in Bangalore presented some initial daunting concerns. What would be possible that a cricket coach from outside of India teach the locals? Particularly … Continue reading

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Does The Bat Hit The Ball Or Does The Ball Hit The Bat?

Does the bat hit the ball or does the ball hit the bat? Where does the intent and ascendancy in this contest originate? The question arose during a conversation with a fast bowler (clocked at 144+ kmh) at first class … Continue reading

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The Left Arm Orthodox Spinner – What Else Can He Bring?

An essential part of many a bowling structure is the left arm orthodox spinner to provide variation in angle and ability to turn the ball away from right hand batsmen. Personally, childhood memories invoke the mysterious wizardry of the turban … Continue reading

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Difficult to bowl to Maxwell: Yadav

The IPL, apart from being the greatest cricket entertainment ever seen, is now starting to take us further into the intimate insights of the game through the unique access to players and coaches. Umesh Yadav from the Kolkata Knight Riders … Continue reading

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Finals – Essential Elements

Breathe deep. Relax. Allow the mind to clear of all the noise and fully realise that the best part of competitive sport is about to begin. Finals. For those fortunate enough to be involved, this time arrived now in March, … Continue reading

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Slower Ball – Endless Variations

Every bowler now is expected to have not just one slower ball but many variations of such. Along with the expectation they can be called upon at any point in the game. Variations of the slower ball can revolve around … Continue reading

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Analysing The Opposition – Elite T20

The tools and knowledge available to gain an understanding of the opposition may vary amongst the levels of cricket due to resources and interest. But the ability in this digital age to have something has never been easier. A recent … Continue reading

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Mental Toughness – Batting

Mental toughness for batting can be viewed as a configuration of internal thoughts displayed in the external persona with each aspect feeding off each other. Behaviours can be activated wthin a training environment, honed amongst those familiar. Consideration given to … Continue reading

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Eoin Morgan – Unique & Beyond Extraordinary

Eoin Morgan stepped out in Sydney last night for the totally new look Sydney Thunder in their first match for Big Bash League IV. Eoin had just completed the one day series for England against Sri Lanka. He gets on … Continue reading

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The 5th Ball Theory – Closing or Glory?

In limited over formats, so often the bowler will find themselves able to start an over well and contain the momentum for the first few balls. From here though the interest is to who finishes the over with control. Is … Continue reading

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