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Integrity & Standards

One of the benefits of being a coach in the millenial, digital age is access to an endless range of knowledge sources. Wisdom gained from experience, some good and some not so. Many a successful coach (success qualified as recognised … Continue reading

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Unlock The Wisdom

In the pursuit of success aligned to change, clubs will inevitably alter the structure of coaches in the positions of head, assistant or development coach at some point. For the coaches that find themselves in this situation of a new … Continue reading

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Batting – How To Assess Success, Part 1

Some old school logic, aligned to the beliefs of Robert Baddeley “Bob” Simpson AO, on how to properly assess the performance of a batsman over a season in Premier / Grade cricket. Compile a list of all the performances. Take … Continue reading

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The Acceptance of Expectation

The acceptance of expectation emerges from within and is nurtured by many. So often the case is without being obvious at the time. During the last days at KIOC Bangalore in 2013, two random interactions, two of many, delivered an … Continue reading

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Player Review – Mid Season, Give A Little Feedback

As a coach at the half way point of the season with a little extra time available to properly reflect and contemplate the standard of performances observed and shared so far, it is good practice to consider a little extra … Continue reading

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