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Trust. Bowler & The Captain

The relationship between bowler and captain presents as many challenges as there are rewards. The equation to satisfy the intent to capture 10 wickets calls upon so much more thought power and creativity to produce the opportunities. Calmness, clarity and … Continue reading

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Batting Ugly

Invariably over the course of a season, conditions shall emerge from the unknown that inhibit logical and established batting methods. Skills honed by countless hours of hitting balls from machine, bowler, throw downs, drop balls, under arms and “Amla drills” … Continue reading

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The Acceptance of Expectation

The acceptance of expectation emerges from within and is nurtured by many. So often the case is without being obvious at the time. During the last days at KIOC Bangalore in 2013, two random interactions, two of many, delivered an … Continue reading

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Slower Ball – Endless Variations

Every bowler now is expected to have not just one slower ball but many variations of such. Along with the expectation they can be called upon at any point in the game. Variations of the slower ball can revolve around … Continue reading

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Make An Offering To Mother Cricket

Make an offering to Mother Cricket. Go on, you know that she will appreciate it and you will feel better for the effort. A superstitious group are cricketers. Always searching for a passage of unexplainable logic to connect the threads … Continue reading

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Analysing The Opposition – Grade Cricket

At Grade cricket level, typically teams will only compete against each other once per season apart from finals. The knowledge of the opposition players shared primarily comes from a combination of senior players with experience over past seasons and younger … Continue reading

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Analysing The Opposition – Elite T20

The tools and knowledge available to gain an understanding of the opposition may vary amongst the levels of cricket due to resources and interest. But the ability in this digital age to have something has never been easier. A recent … Continue reading

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Technical Aspects of Power Hitting

We are blessed to witness the extraordinary levels of power hitting being revealed by so many players within the T20 competitions. No matter the stage of the career spectrum where the player fits, the spontaneous excitement of Glenn Maxwell that … Continue reading

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T20 Game Plan – Fielding

As a coach, the introduction and broad acceptance of T20 cricket has been hugely appreciated in respect to fielding. It is impossible for a player to expect they will excel in this format if they are unable to contribute to … Continue reading

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T20 Game Plan – Bowling

The next phase to follow the recently published T20 Game Plan for Batting is the Bowling component. A previous post on the T20 master of control – Yasir Arafat -gives a close insight to the preparation and thinking involved along … Continue reading

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