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Exit Due Proper Dignity…..Sadly Not Quite

Twenty years of devotion to a task that involves a level of passion and care beyond the expected work position description requirements is a considerable achievement. A finding of inner self over many special moments that fundamentally involve a grounded … Continue reading

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How To Select A Captain

The choice of a captain, for what is in many cases, the most important position of influence. How should it be done? A mixture of art, science, logic and hope. A suggested series of  logical steps and involvement to consider are contained … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Impatient

Feb 2014 was the last time an Australian #6 scored a century for Australia in test cricket. Centurion Park, Steve Smith walked to the wicket at 4/98 – a not unfamiliar position. On the second day in the 102nd over, … Continue reading

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Leading Youth

What engagement skills are required to effectively connect with the range of attentions spans for youthful cricketers today? The explosion of participation and shift in ethnic backgrounds has made our game stronger for those with a passion to play. How … Continue reading

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Nurturing The Clarity For Leadership

Does the pressure upon the leader become amplified as the format shortens from Test to One Day to T20? Does the brevity allow the dynamics of a leader reveal a sense of clarity more critical in the maelstrom of white … Continue reading

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September Simple

September simple for bowlers. Suppress the urge to over extend the body too early, especially if starting indoors. Gradually build the muscle memory. Take your time, focus on technique. Ease into the run up, a few small steps to start. … Continue reading

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Integrity & Standards

One of the benefits of being a coach in the millenial, digital age is access to an endless range of knowledge sources. Wisdom gained from experience, some good and some not so. Many a successful coach (success qualified as recognised … Continue reading

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Finally ~ Progress driven by ……. women (gasp!)

An indulgent rant for positive progress. So all that it has taken is a little amount of reasonable exposure for Women’s cricket to rapidly shift the staid thinking and lack of planning that has plagued the sport of cricket for … Continue reading

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Does The Bat Hit The Ball Or Does The Ball Hit The Bat?

Does the bat hit the ball or does the ball hit the bat? Where does the intent and ascendancy in this contest originate? The question arose during a conversation with a fast bowler (clocked at 144+ kmh) at first class … Continue reading

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Credit The Coach For Discipline

The headlines roared the devastation of the player dropped for disciplinary reasons. In the case of this specific player, the second time in three months. For two different first class teams. In two different countries. Both coached by a competitive … Continue reading

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